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1st January 2010

From this day forward

Its the first day of October and the weather is changing. Last night, having checked in some villa holidaymakers whose flight was very delayed, we returned to the car to find a light mist on the windscreen. When we got back to our hill in Peyia, we were able to look around the village and over Coral Bay resort and see the gentle night mist settling: it was beautiful!

Thankfully, the temperatures are changing too: days have dropped to a wonderful 83 degrees with nights around 26 degrees – and we’re able to sleep comfortably with windows open and breezes coming through. Totally gorgeous!

October is marked on the hillsides in Peyia, by the annual return of the wedding weeds. Tall, gangly plants whose appearance is sudden and complete, appear in abundance across the hills, creating an almost mystical blanket of white. The flowers are delicate but many – and the effect of this floral guests is to make the hills look like they are being prepared for a wedding.

Apparently, the flowers were used for exactly that: families would plant them in preparation of weddings and use them to create bouquets/headdresses and decoration for weddings. With long stems and pretty blooms, they have the capability to be shaped for any use and always look pretty.

Speaking of weddings, today two lovely people celebrate their day: Drew and Kylie, probably two of the best suited people we’ve ever met, tie the knot in a blaze of exotically coloured flowers, in Peyia village. Their families have flown to Cyprus from around the world to celebrate the coming together of the couple: even the hillsides are decked in full celebration!

We wish Drew and Kylie every deserved happiness and dreams come true. Starting their married life here in the west of Cyprus is quite a perfect beginning to what all their friends will wish for them : a very happy ever after….

Category: Cyprus Villas News