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12th January 2017

Friendship Day

According to a note sent to me this morning, today is Friendship Day! Whether it is or isn’t, the thought is a lovely one, isn’t it?

Got me thinking about friends, family, things that make a person happy……and that’s a good thing too!

Two of the things that make me the happiest, are the furry gang who are currently sitting out in the Peyia sunshine, enjoying the day. I’ve just photographed Molly (below), as she was patrolling the garden looking for her daily dose of trouble. Barney T Rubble is chilling: trouble for him, comes in the form of Harry, the long haired cream cat who lives on the hill and likes to come to torment Barney at around 2pm each day – so best that Barney rests until then!

The photo I’ve taken of Molly, shows her standing next to the Honesty flowers in our garden: they really do remind me of friendship and good, old fashioned Cypriot hospitality Let me explain: about a month after we moved to Peyia , we took delivery of a cabinet from a shop in Peyia. The man who delivered it, was the landlord for the shop; a lovely, older Cypriot man who wanted to , “”meet the English on the hill”, he said. Well, meet us he did and he also visited us a few times, to have a coffee and share some thoughts on living here. On one such visit, he brought me a few bulbs of Honesty, which we’d taken from his village garden, in Lysos. We planted them at the front of the house, before anything else was planted.

Now, as each year draws to a close and January gently slips in, these flowers push their way through the heavy soil in our garden and seem to ”smile”, reminding me of kindness, new beginnings and the man who brought them to our garden.

So, with that in mind, I’m extending the hand of friendship to you: come to Peyia or Coral Bay and make friends with all of the locals. Stay in a welcoming villa with private pool , set in pretty gardens and get to know what life is like here! It’s a place which gets into your heart then is hard to forget! Email for information on villas and apartments to I can promise you our friendly team will make you smile!

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