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1st January 2010

Friends, circles and beginnings……………….for Jacquie x

Sometimes, life does really lovely things. They are often simple, happen gently and are totally unexpected but very ,very special: I have been lucky enough to experience a few of these recently – and I owe a HUGE thank you to Jacquie, a friend from infant school days, with whom I’ve recently made contact thanks to that very annoying site which I try SO hard not to get involved in= but is really great!

Jacquie and her family lived across the grass from us in Hebburn. I remember her family with so much affection: they were always “alive”, happy, noisy (in the nicest sense!) and welcoming. Our family life had its ups and downs, as life does but Jacquie and another friend, Bev, were part of a little team of friends who made things okay.

I haven’t heard from Jacquie for years – too many years but we are in email contact now and I’m thrilled. What a lovely lady she has grown to be! Cannot believe she has grown up sons – we must be getting old!

I was particularly touched that Jacquie remembered coming to birthday parties at my Nanna and Grandads house,where my wonderful Nanna served us too many cakes and scones with threepences in! Its one of my favourite memories and I’m so touched that Jacquie remembers too…..

Sometimes you’ve got to look back, however hard, to remember just where it all started. I love my completely disfunctional family but somethings are still packed tightly away to look at later: too much to think about today. I sit on my thinking step and look out at the world, feeling grateful and content – and now very happy to have reached back to find someone lovely reaching out a hand to me from childhood.

Too soppy, I know but life is about people – and I’d best get myself tidied to go and welcome some!!

Thanks Jacquie x and to your Mum x

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