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1st January 2010

friends and roaming country men

I’m sad coz we’ve just waved off one of our closest friends who has been staying here in our home (yes, whilst I’ve been in uk!), with her new fella! Oh, he is lovely and she is SO happy, it was great to see! They’ve been good company, interesting to chat too and totally patient with the animal monsters who have taken control of our home.

Jake seemed to prefer Jackies bum to mine so nibbled it regularly and stole a pair of her sandals for good measure. Chris, Jackies partner, had toggles on his cut offs which Jake also took a great liking too, so both were kept occupied by the “avoidance technique” required to live happily and in one piece here.

I was jealous to learn that Tony, Jackie and Chris took the dogs rambling along the cliffs at Coral Bay and had a wonderful time while I was in the board meeting – and even more jealous to learn that my little Molly Mou let Jackie bath her when they returned home (though I’m glad Molly is clean: she gets into a terrible time on the sandy rocks near the sea). Apparently people, dogs and cats had a good few days and didn’t seem to miss me one little bit! Marvellous!

Actually, I think Tony did miss me a bit: he’d saved a good few things for me to do today, including checking out some guests (which was a pleasure) and sorting out a couple of accounting thingyumjigs, so at least I serve a purpose here on my Peyia hillside!

Not that I’m really bothered: we’ve got great friends in UK too and I’ve been able to steal cuddles from Adam, (age 3), Ella (age 6) and Abby (age 8), while I was in Lancashire, so had a few Molly/Alfie/Jake cuddles to spare for my friends! Now I’m home, of course, all cuddles are MINE!!

Jake has decided he likes cuddles: he comes to you, bends down to put his head on your knee, opens his front legs like Bambi, so he is a little less tall then leans against you in the hope of you putting your arms around him and snuggling into him…………then he bites your bum as soon as you stand up!

Jackie and Chris are now en route to the airport and have, we hope, had a great week here: we’ve certainly loved having them with us – well, Jake actually still has pieces of jackie in his mouth, so I think he is okay about letting the rest of her head home!

Wishing them a safe and happy flight home……..

Category: Cyprus Villas News