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1st January 2010

friends and freedom

What a great day! The sun is shining, the coastline at Coral Bay is lovely and I’ve had a great day.

Sue, our totally wonderful friend, took me to the first hospital where my pot was taken off! Hoorah! Have two arms and am going to treat myself to a hot bath with BOTH arms in the water! Cannot wait!!

This lovely lady then came to visit my Mum with me and we watched Mum strolling down the corridor on her zimmer frame and she looked SO much better, I wanted to cry. Then, Susie bought me lunch at Ginas in Paphos. Sheer bliss!!

Really, all you need is health, a great friend like Sue and the good sense not to fall over again (with or without the help of chilled white) – and the vision to see whats really around you.

Thanks Sue. I love living here but I love it that bit more coz you’re around! (now don’t get all soppy on me or I’ll tell you another tragic true story – cue clouds……)

Category: Cyprus Villas News