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28th March 2014

Friday night flirt…

Seems it wasn’t only Tony and I who missed Barney T Rubble while he’s been away. Tonight, after closing the office and before going out to meet the lucky guests who are arriving to Apartment Isis in Peyia, I took Barney for a walk down the lane past the field where the peacocks ‘sing’…..except tonight, they didn’t just sing: the largest of them, a very handsome peacock who we’ve called George, came up to the fence and ‘showed himself’ to Barney!

Knowing how sensitive these male birds are and how much they ‘pride themselves ‘ on the size of their tails (?!), I acted VERY impressed so as not to offend. Barney, however, just looked, sniffed then lifted his leg and pee’d…………

Somewhere in the orange groves tonight, is a very hurt, probably very quiet and almost very ‘pee’d on’, peacock who feels the pain of unrequited love. Barney, it seems, prefers to strut and didn’t want to ‘come out’ tonight, however magnificent the bird!

Category: Cyprus Villas News