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11th November 2017

freedom and peace

Tony is teaching today so I summoned up some confidence and went for a walk by myself, along the harbor at St Georges, Sea Caves.

It was such a beautiful morning. The sun was in the heavens and the sea was so flat and calm, I wanted to jump into it! The local sailing club were just putting their small, white sailed craft into the water and people were milling about, slowly and happily, taking in the moments and the magnificent scenery.

Thinking about nothing in particular other than how lucky I am to live here, I was hit by the sudden realization that, in the space of the first 10 minutes of my walk, I’d spoken to a young Cypriot family; one german man; a few from the UK and a Chinese couple – each strolling peacefully and all wrapped in the warmth of the day…..

Never mind how lucky am I, how lucky are we all, to have the freedom to travel, to adventure, to explore , to make our, ”mark” and to join together to bring change where it’s needed….

Remembering the time of year; thinking about all of those who fought in World Wars and mindful that there is still a lot of conflict to be sorted out, I still feel strongly the need to say, “Thank you” – to those who gave their lives to , ”Light the road ahead for those of us who walk behind them”.

Let’s hope we are worthy of the sacrifices.

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