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1st January 2010

Foxy moves….

The hill on which we live in Peyia is full of mystery……old stones, which have fallen neatly over the years to form interesting shapes and homes for lizards and worse; wedding weeds, which push through the dry soil twice a year as if waiting to be picked to be the wedding flowers for which they were created in the villages, eons ago; goats trundling the steep hillside and ignoring the new builds which stretch from Coral Bay to Peyia………its really lovely.

Last night, we had a new experience…….joining the orchestra of birds, insects and things I don’t even want to think about, which crawl the hillsides, was a fox! Not just any old fox but a fox who sat for almost an hour by our bedroom window and “sang” to his hearts content! At first, we were sure the noise came from a dog which was injured: but we investigated and nothing. Next, we thought one of Charlie kittens friends had laryngitis and was calling to Charlie, (who, incidentally, was stretched out on our bed, fast asleep). Then we gave up and just listened to “him” as he sang and sang, then made his way further down the hill….

We live surrounded by animals, birds and insects: they are probably wondering why we make such a racket with music and vehicles etc………we’ve decided just to accept the Peyia hillside noises and live with them, though Molly does grumble at being woken up!

Anyway, bedtime…..hope the pot bellied pigs are tucked up safely in Sea Caves!

Kalinichta Sas!

Category: Cyprus Villas News