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19th April 2018

For the love of a dog.

It was so very sad to read of the passing of Willow, Her Majesty’s Corgi dog.

Aged 12 and having suffered for a while with various illness, I was reading that the Queen’s love of dogs, goes back over 85 years. The loss to Her Majesty must be huge. Not least has she lost her beloved pet but in her position, to have a faithful, loving creature, who has loved her and kept her company, probably unaware totally of the  responsibility on the shoulders of the person she adored.

Being a ”person mummy”, to two furry children, who are numbers 17 and 18, in a 34 year love affair with animals, my life is made complete by the total devotion and love from creatures who ask nothing from you other than to be fed, watered and safe – but whose love for you is seemingly infinite.

No matter what the day has brought; no matter how stressed/challenged or under pressure I am, the dogs just love me – outloud and with such a display of total happiness, nothing seems to be more important…..and our lives are simple and uncomplicated.

For a lady in the position of Queen, whose duties and responsibilities must weigh so heavily, the love of a dog must be calming, therapeutic and so very welcome. A little piece of ”Her time” in the midst of duty………my heart breaks for her over the loss of Willow.

Thoughts are living things so the thoughts of dog lovers across the nation will be with Her Majesty at this time.

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