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12th September 2018

For Steve…

This morning began with the saddest message that our lovely friend, Steve , had gained his angel wings before breakfast today…..

I want to pay the best tribute to this wonderful man but I can ”feel” him laughing at me as I try to find words – but I’ll try….. Steve was one of the best, real people we’ll ever meet. He was full of fun , mischief and opportunities to ”have a laugh” – but he was also a responsible hard working man with a conscience.. … In fact, one of the best people you could ever meet.

He reminded me of Robbie Williams: he had those sparkling eyes, look of mischief BUT couldn’t sing! Probably what they had in common was the way in which they both love to entertain people……

The key thing is that Jan(et), his lovely wife, gave him the platform, strength and foundation on which to play and ‘perform’. She was the best thing he could ever wish for because she loved him a to z and was there throughout – but he knows this more than anyone.

Peyia was darker after they both left. We all respected them so much for moving home to UK closer to Jan”s family – but we lost a lot of light and fun in the village here…..

Today, there aren’t enough words except to say to Janet, how much she is loved and thought of , by all of us who know her and Steve – and how much respect we have for her for the changes she made to life to help Steve.

And to Steve, well you little tinker: you survived so many odds and deadlines and we pray, are having the last laugh  now. So very glad to know you , Steve and so very sad to not have another New Years Eve party to attend with you. You are one of the best  – and we hope the angels know how to party but know you’ll teach them. X

….and Jan, our love and prayers are with you xxx


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