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7th July 2017

For Lesley

It’s one year, almost to the moment as I’m writing, since our lovely friend Lesley, took her angel wings and flew to the heavens. Her sisters, Nikki and Sallie, spent last evening with  Tony and I ,sharing memories, showing photographs of their family and reminiscing about happy times.

Today, I’ve driven to Limassol and have spent the drive home from there to Peyia, imagining Lesley sat next to me, with her hair flowing in the wind, enjoying this beautiful day.

What suddenly struck me as I drove, was how magnificent this island is: I sensed the spirit of the sea, the energy of the hills and the trees and the life force of everything around me. My soul soared as I accepted the thought that there is a Greatness far more than we can see with human eyes. The cycle of nature, the ebb and flow of the waters, the sunrise and sunset – and the growth and beauty all hold more ”power” and energy than we know….

I felt deep in my heart the comfort of knowing life DOES go on. We may not be able to understand it or describe how – but I know for sure that the precious soul that is Lesley , is wrapped around us all , guiding us through unseen challenges and watching over us with love. I imagine a bright spectrum of love, formed by the souls of the departed, joining together in peace …

Today, I refuse to be sad – though I miss Lesley very much: I’m celebrating the precious time I spent with her; celebrating her courage and grace through the most difficult of times and thanking her for sharing her family with us. Lesley’s earth life was a life well lived and her spirit was incredible. I sense that spirit today, making ”angel waves” in the heavens as she cares for her loved ones walking this human path behind her.

Today, I’m glad to be alive and I’ll live every moment with gratitude.

With love and prayers to everyone who has lost a loved one x

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