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10th September 2021

For Helen Lack, with love x

Heaven has been lit up with colour and light this morning, as the angels have welcomed Helen.

Having fought a long battle with the dreaded cancer, whilst showing so much grace, dignity and love of every moment of her life, Helen also continued to paint and share with the world, her incredible talent.

Who am I to pay tribute to her?  No-one close: just someone lucky enough to have met Helen, through her parents and their villa, a few years ago – and someone who fell in love with Helen’s work, not realising just how much Helen was going through whilst she continued to create the beauty she did.

A Mum, wife, daughter, twin sister, sister and great friend to many, Helen worked to comfort and inspire so many more people than she’d ever have realised while she journeyed through her disease, showing grace, love, humour and warmth….

My heart breaks today for all who loved Helen ; who gave her the ”wings” to fly through her last months and the strength to keep smiling till the last possible moment.

Forgive the misquote but some of us are born to greatness; some achieve it through hard work and others, like Helen Lack, find the strength within their very being, so draw out the greatness and talent that was bestowed on them at birth – and then share it with the world.

My respect for you Helen, is an Nth of the drip of paint on the brush that you wielded, when compared to the respect and love in which you are held, across the thousands of people you will have influenced and comforted by your grace and talent.

You were an incredible artist but you were also an incredible lady: a true warrior spirit with the soul of an Angel.

God Bless you and love and strength to your husband, Chris and your children. xxx

Thank you for being truly you: a true star in our midst:  very few of us have the courage to achieve this.

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