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1st January 2010

Foods a thought?

Tony, the team and I are have had a hilarious few days where it comes to food. We sponsored the new takeaway menus for the Pizza place in Peyia – and ended up taking a phonecall last night asking us to deliver a Tortellini!

Today, the door of our new offices in Peyia, opened to a lovely old Cypriot man asking us for a loaf of bread! The building used to be a bakery and, while its been closed a longtime, the man explained that he always called here for bread when he came to Peyia! I wish we’d had some to give to him: he was so nice and laughed at his mistake!

With Sam, our very own Eating Monster on site, I think we should maybe think about selling food as well as villa holidays in Coral Bay and Peyia – thats if we could wrestle the food off Sam!

She’d definitely have her cake and eat it – then eat mine then Tonys……..

Category: Cyprus Villas News