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1st January 2010

Food for thought?

There was a rare happening in the village of Peyia last night: we went to a new local taverna with our completely crazy Cypriot friends who are here on holiday from their home in Manchester (!) – and the food was terrible!

Not only cold but just awful…………I was so taken aback, I ate it anyway but cannot get over the fact that a place reknowned for good food and wine, serves up such inferior food.

The place itself looks lovely and the owners are really good people. Perhaps we caught them on a bad night or perhaps catering for only a few when they normally mass cater for weddings and christenings, was the problem. Either way, I don’t think we’ll be back in a hurry which is a shame for them, as we’ll be asked by our holiday makers in villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, what we think of the place.

The entertainment was good: the waiter was tiddled so walked the (very long) walk from the kitchen to the table, sideways rather than straight. At times we thought he’d just fall out of the stairs which were on his right and led to the car park. At other times, we thought there wouldn’t be any food left on the plates as he jiggled the plates about as he carried them!

The conundrum is, do we tell the owner or not? We couldn’t complain about the setting or the smiles which greeted us (or were they laughing, knowing what was coming): we could complain about the food and the price!

Methinks we’ll just put it behind us; enjoy the fact the four of us had a good gossip and giggle – and eat in tonight!

Category: Cyprus Villas News