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1st June 2014

Flowers for Paphos

Jimmys flower photoToday is the day of the Paphos Flower Festival – actually the 94th Annual Antestiria Flower Festival which will take place at 6pm on Grivas Dighenis street in Paphos ( the main road running along in front of Cyta towards the town centre). The Festival is a celebration of the fact that spring is here and summer is on its way. Hosted as a tribute to one of the Greek Gods, Dionysus, who was said to ‘make kindness and hope blossom’, this festival is a fragrant and happy way to celebrate and embrace nature.

People are welcome to attend, to watch the flower floats pass and to see young children, carrying baskets of flowers which they give out freely to ‘share’ and celebrate the gift of flowers. Its a gorgeous occasion!

Cyprus is filled with the most amazing coloured flowers and shrubs: from the Cyprus ‘weed’, the Oleander flower, whose strawberry and cream ‘faces’, line the airport road and say ‘welcome’ to the more spectacular Datura, or Angel Trumpet tree, whose golden trumpets are like gifts from above , this is a very colourful and magnificent example of an island alive in natures finest.

I’m not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination. Luckily , my husband Tony inherited his late fathers ‘green figured touch’ and has created our hillside garden , making it the prettiest solace a person could need. I’m welcomed home by an array of bright, colourful bushes, pretty hanging baskets and flowering pots of all shapes and sizes (normally pots which I’ve broken – or we’ve ‘resused’, like the old fire grate!). The plants are robust and grateful for any water they receive – which is a great thing in a very hot climate like the one we’re just about to disappear into!

Every flower tells a story/has a history/means something different to each person. They represent memories, happiness, sadness and gratitude – and are in abundance here in so many forms. If you love flowers, you’ll love Cyprus . Email to me on and I’ll send you a bouquet of villas , every one of which is surrounded by a pretty garden!

The photo above , was kindly sent to me by an old school friend of mine, Jimmy Freel who is a superb photographer and has been sharing on social media, photos he’s taken of flowers in the UK. They are stunning and I’m sure you’ll love this one as much as I do. Thank you Jimmy! x