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10th April 2013

Flippin friends!

So , we waved the wrinklies off, feeling very sad coz Tony Without Teeth was crying and Tony With Teeth was jumping up and down emotionally too- and we welcomed our close friends from Billingham.

They all look wonderful. We are only on day too and we’ve not stopped giggling or talking. Its great coz Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou both know our friends from the past- so we’ve been to see them too and catch up on GnT and gossip.

Bill , husband of Jane and totally wonderful man, worked with Susie F in Billingham. Susie was thrilled to see him – and marvelled at his clip on glasses, naming him ‘Flippin Bill’ which is going to be his name from now on!

Bill is to fashion what I am to working televisions but when you have a heart the size of his with the personality to match, it just doesn’t matter.

Flippin Bill he may be but he , Jane, Mick and Terese and 4 of the best friends people could have.

The girls are staying in tonight : boys are at The Mill. We’d have liked to go but , erm, our enthusiastic dancing in there last night, may prevent a decent welcome if we push our luck and try to go back again so soon!

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