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1st January 2010

Flesh and Bone…..

Trying to wake gently this morning, was a big mistake. Molly ran up the bed and gave me her lovely little morning kiss on the nose – then Charlie cat decided to launch himself through the window from the patio, seeking “flesh” to nuzzle, as is his way first thing each day!
Luckily, I’d been awake enough to have pulled on a sweater (its a little chilly) so Charlie couldn’t find the lovely, flabby, snuggly warm inner arm flesh he seeks – and had to make do with biting my toe then stealing Mollys play bone…..

Jake was on form and was singing morning songs; Alfie just wanted to eat!
Got to work on time, via the beautiful Villa Maria in Coral Bay, where I was checking the progress of the built in BBQ area we are making – but am shattered and need a good few cups of tea to get me going!

Category: Cyprus Villas News