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3rd September 2012

Fit for a princess

HRH Duchess of Cambridge is Jakes “girl”. He loves her. He watches her on the TV and kisses the photos of her which are in my mags.

Today, his passion has got the better of him again and he’s devoured my “gossip mag” coz she was on the front page and every other page, just about.

Mind you, he has also devoured an uncooked lasagne, which I was just about to put in the oven but left on the side of the bench to go to answer the phone! He didn’t eat all of it but I know what he has been “cleaning” , so I thought it better to throw the whole thing in the bin!

Dont know what we’ll eat for tea now, but don’t think even jake will want anything more – he’s his waistline to think about if he wants to impress a certain young lady!

Category: Cyprus Villas News