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1st January 2010

Fishing for content!…

Tony and I had a lovely night with Susie F and The Great Raymondodolou. These wonderful people are such good company and so very funny, I love having the chance to share a few drinks and good old catch up. AND I get great “blog fodder” coz Susie is as mad as a box of monkeys and says some corking things, which I love to note and use against her at an appropriate time.

Like now……

Actually, Susie is off the hook today (phew, I can feel her relax as she’s reading!). She’s actually given up drinking for a while, keeping fitter than normal and looks gorgeous. She was no help at all with anything to write (though I have to mention the fact that she and The Great Raymondodolou went for a 2 hour walk, followed by a family pushing their overly tired toddler to try to get him to sleep – and he feel asleep 2 hours in, which made Susie comment, VERY LOUDLY, “fancy walking 2 hours to get a baby to sleep “- which woke him up! Whoops!

Anyway, we were discussing fish and Tony was saying he liked Lobster tails. I said I prefer Crab Chapters and TGR, said Seafood Diaries are his favourite! This set off warped thought process which covered Cod Covers; Pike Paragraphs and Whelks Words…….oh, I could go on forever but such humour stinks, doesn’t it?!

We were in too deep so we changed the subject………….. more to follow!

Category: Cyprus Villas News