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28th March 2017

fish, snakes and pigeon!

There are some days during which I meet the most wonderful people and I just want to ”cuddle the moments’ to hold onto when the tough ones come! Take today for example: I’m now going into work for a couple of hours every other day while I get strong after the operation on my spine. I love being back with the team and seeing the customers!

Today, we had an unexpected visitor to the office, in the form of a lovely, little doggy, who was wandering the (busy) roadway outside of our office then came onto our pathway, before stepping in front of another car which, thankfully, missed her. I couldn’t resist her so went to give her a cuddle and ended up taking her to Annie and Nikolas, the fantastic vets in our village. The doggy was fine but had no microchip but these kind people offered to board her for a day while we tried to find her people – which thank god, we did and she is going home this afternoon. (Don’t get me started about why she wasn’t micro chipped and why she was let out to wander roads….).

Dropping my poorly car off to be repaired, I decided to take advantage of another great pleasure of mine which I’ve not been able to undertake in recent months and called into the Seafood Shop, on the coast road in Kissonerga, just down from the Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel.. Lefteris, who owns and operates this shop, is just one of the nicest people around. He makes me feel better purely from his welcoming smile and gentle nature – and the fish is fantastic too!

I was telling him about the little doggy and he laughed and said, ‘”look up there”” pointing to the shelf at the back of the shop above the freezers. Sitting very comfortably there , was a very big and contented pigeon, whom Lefteris had named , “”Peter”” and who had decided Lefteris was his new best friend! Apparently, Peter the Pigeon arrived outside of the Seafood Shop, very hungry, tired and thirsty, so Lefteris fed him and his friend, Paul. Unfortunately, Paul ”flew off to the heavens” after a misunderstanding with a car, so Peter decided to stay and befriend the man who was feeding him……. I’ve tried to photograph Peter (below) but haven’t done a great job!

Knowing nothing about pigeons, I can still recognize a ”content spirit” when I see one – and Peter is definitely one!

Lefteris went on to tell me about him having to rescue a mummy snake, who was at the back of the shop with her head stuck in a tin can. Gently holding the snake, who coiled around his arm, he cut the tin can off her head, only to be attacked by the baby snake who was stuck IN the tin can and was the cause of Mummy’s investigations into it! Mummy and baby are doing well thank goodness – and they’ve not met Peter and I  hope, don’t like Pigeon – but they should all love Lefteris, who is one thoroughly decent and kind human being!

Anyway, am shattered now and home to rest for the afternoon with my furry gang – but as they are both full of mischief, I reckon there will be more tales to tell before too long!

Come and enjoy Coral Bay days with us! Email for villas and apartments to And if you are living locally to the Seafood Shop, in Kissonerga, get yourself in there! Fantastic shop and wonderful owner!.