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1st January 2010

fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and butter, cup of tea………….

Today is Nicola, Sam and Ols last day with us. The week has flown by. With the sun shining brightly all week, its felt like summer all over again and we’ve all had a great laugh at the antics of the boys, who’ve bought a “thingy” for their phones which allows them to change body parts on various photos.

Alfie dog currently has Charlie cats body; Ols has Alfies head; Jake has Sams leg (but thats for real – Jake has kept trying to eat everyone this week)! ; Nicola has got animal arms and I’ve won because my head is now on Nicolas body – so I look slim and fit and I want to keep it for real!!

We’ve had a few arrivals and departures today but wanted to go out for something to eat with the gang before they left – and what better than good old fish and chips! Coral Bay has a great chippie: we’ve sat and stuffed ourselves silly with the tastiest fish and chips we’ve had for a long time! I’m so full, I could burst.

Nicola reckons we’ve now all got “Sunday afternoon syndrome” coz everyone is yawning and needs to sleep. I didn’t like to tell her that Tony and I are always yawning and that I could sleep for England AND Cyprus, anytime, anywhere…..

Much as I’d love to snooze the afternoon away, Tonys Mum has just landed and we’re off to welcome her and share (another ) cup of tea!…………Sunday afternoon syndrome or not, we’d better get a wiggle on and tidy ourselves up! Other mother hasn’t seen us for a while so we need to look like we”re living well and keeping fit.

One out of two will have to do today!!

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