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1st January 2018

First foot? Hoppit!

As a little girl, I’ve warm memories of being at my Nanna’s house, waiting quietly on the stairs, unseen by the grown ups , for ”the man” to come and be first foot at midnight on New Years Eve.

There was always a glass of sherry for him – and I remember ‘him” as being a tall, dark man, carrying a piece of coal and saying good wishes. The memory of needing to have someone bring the wishes into the house as the first person to step over the threshold on 1st January of any year, has stayed with me always.

Over the years, until the challenges of marriage and life, turned my handsome husband’s hair from dark brown to white, he would be ”first foot”. In recent years, it’s been a friend or one of our lovely furry friends, which has always been okay with us.

According to Chinese horoscopes, the Dog is very lucky this year, if you ignore the warning that they are also surrounded with , ”double deceit” – a warning linked to business dealings and home. Tony is a Dog (!), and we’ve had more than our fair share of , ”double deceit’ over the years, so this year we’ve taken the ”risk” of Tony being first foot – carrying with him the ”blessing frog”, which our special friends, The Spences, gave to us recently on a trip home to UK.

Tony pointed out to me that the Blessing Frog has an old 20 p coin in his mouth so may be out of date. I reminded my gorgeous hubs that, at almost 60 and with white hair and failing sense of humour, many could say the same about him! But we both felt the ”blessing” of being able to ”first foot” our home, carrying wishes from special friends and knowing that, whatever the New Year brings, BRING IT ON! We’re up to handle it!

Wishing you and yours a very happy , healthy and peaceful 2018 -with an unfair share of sunshine! (email to to check out villa deals for New Year sunshine!).

Happy New Year!

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