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22nd February 2020

First Class Treatment in a Coral Bay villa!

Tony and I had a great time last night, in Peyia Tavern with two lovely friends who happen to own one of the best holiday villas , probably in the world!

They have to remain nameless due to the fact that I really don’t want to embarrass them (!) but….

Their holiday villa is incredible. Top quality furnishings, beautifully decorated and lovingly cared for. It’s an honour to look after it and the holiday guests who choose it – though I always feel sad for those who want to return and cannot because it’s been booked up before they’ve tried!

Anyway, we were nattering last night about flying and where we’ve been etc; mentioning good and bad things on holidays and various adventures when the lovely lady in the partnership was saying they’d actually been upgraded to first class on a flight back from Dubai – and she’d been disappointed!

I was surprised. I dream of flying first class – then I noticed her husband laughing. So, there was more to the story… whilst the seats were wonderful and our intrepid couple could lie down to relax during the flight, can you believe the naughty turbulence en route, had no respect for where they were placed in the plane – and bumped them around in the same manner as it did to those who weren’t in First Class? Honestly, the nerve of the violent gusts of atmospheric pressure!

Our traveller had hoped for a ”gentler journey” in the luxury of her first class bed and was surprised this hadn’t been engineered!

Laugh? You bet we did – but we also had a first class evening! Thank you guys!

However, if you first class treatment in a top quality villa in Coral Bay, email to me on and I’ll make sure the journey to booking is calm and there are no bumps on the horizon! (And if you want to book Villa Garlands for 2021, send the email quickly! Keep in mind the first class section is so very much smaller than standard – and who wants standard!).