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6th January 2012

Fire ! Fire! PARDON!

Soooo…….its all going well. The villa guests are all totally wonderful and easy compared to our families………..

Here’s a snapshot for you:
Called at the new villa yesterday to find a huge row going on. Wicked William is jumping up and down, complaining loudly that his toes hurt but having no shoes on! When I asked Tonys brother what was going on, he explained that WW had just walked into the kitchen, carrying a plastic bin which was full and smoking and ask if Mike thought there was a fire in the bin!…….
‘Put that down immediately’ , said Mike
‘What did you say’, said Wicked William, followed by ‘oh’ as bin dropped on his NEW 8 euro shoes and bin burst into flames, burning aforementioned new shoes and toes in the process!……..

Mike had extinguished the fire in the bin but the one in the house between them all was raging loudly – so I bade my goodbyes and came back to the office for sanctuary.

Later that night, we all went out for dinner……but I don’t think I’ve got quite the stomach to tell you how that turned out till I survive tonights Greek exam and then have a large GnT.

Somewhere quiet. On my own. Without family, fires or runs of any description……..

Category: Cyprus Villas News