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5th June 2012

Finding the culprit!

Every morning, our beautiful Alfie dog has his awful wound, bathed, cleaned and medicated. A fresh , clean sock is then put on his back paw, to stop him scratching the wound and Alfie is “good to go”…

Within a couple of hours, the sock, which is bandaged to Alfies leg, is removed and Tony and I just cannot understand how or why

Last night, we discovered why. Alfie was lying quietly in front of the window, watching the world go by and Jake came to lie behind him. Stretching his back leg out towards Jake, Jake gently took Alfies paw into his mouth and began undoing the bandage…………neither dog acknowledged us or each other until the sock was off and Alfie withdrew his paw. Jake then walked away as if nothing had happened – but I swear I saw them giving “high five” when they thought we weren’t looking!

Category: Cyprus Villas News