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1st January 2010

Filling in time…

My great granny, nanna and I went to the dentist in Chloraka today. Great granny passed away 47 years ago and my nanna, 24 years ago but they were there for me today.

Have I gone mad? No, not at all. I was just plain terrified of the (lovely !) dentist, Andonis and his very large drill (!), so I day dreamed and my mind slipped to the past and brought in lovely pictures, some memories and some imaginations, of times when I was a little girl walking to the dentist with my Nanna.

I don’t ever remember going anywhere with Great granny: I was too young to remember her when I would have spent time with her but today, the pictures felt real and I “recalled” walking from the back of my nannas house in Hebburn, over the fields and through the park – to the dentist! Actually, thats where the dentist really was so I suppose present and past were getting a little mixed up!

Andonis continued drilling while I day dreamed, stopping only to let me rinse, encourage me to continue to sit still and then start again.

I cannot say the dental work was a pleasant experience but the daydreaming was. And thanks to Vanessa, my gorgeous friend and yoga guru, I even remembered to breathe during the work! Through my nose at that!!

Quite a morning. Was very sorry to come back to real life – though I’m looking forward to checking in people to villas in Coral Bay tonight: and my smile is brighter than ever!

Category: Cyprus Villas News