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1st January 2010

Fidget pie?

Tony and I really enjoy watching cookery programmes- for very different reasons: I like to just imagine how easy it would be to tuck into the luscious food being prepared: Tony watches more carefully then copies the recipes- always to perfection…………grrrrrrrrrr!!

Today I’ve decided to get my own back. With my first checkin at 5pm, I’ve got time off to iron/walk dogs/do housework/emails and bookings then try to cook (you can see my problem now – its called “working woman no-time-to-cook-itis) – but today I’ve cracked it!

Ably assisted by jake and Alfie, who’ve eaten most of the gammon, I’ve made a very bad version of Fidget Pie. I watched the Hairy Bikers make this a few weeks ago and thought how much Tony would like it, so I’ve done it. Badly. And without much gammon (see above) and with the wrong apples – and then I didn’t make enough pastry.

I’m lying about the last bit. I didn’t make ANY pastry! The packet I bought and gently defrosted, didn’t have enough in! (Or maybe my dish was too big?!)

Anyway, I’ve tried and the results are yet to be known………Tony has gone out and said he’ll probably pick up something to eat when he’s on his travels doing the villas in Peyia. Coward!

Alfie, Jake, Molly and Charlie are sitting by the oven waiting patiently.

I’m keeping out of the way in case the pie explodes………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News