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26th October 2014

Femme Fatale!

The adorable Daisy, aged 3-going-on-30 ; daughter of Emma and Christian, is so beautiful , I could just ‘eat her up’. With flowing blond curls, large blue eyes framed with long lashes and the cutest smile a child can have, she is gorgeous – but she’s mischief on legs.

In the photo below, she’s sitting innocently at the table, looking angelic and enjoying the lunch at Bob and Caz wedding. In our office on Friday, she was ‘full of it’ and the conversation we had went like this:

“What’s that in your hands Daisy?” “Slipstick”. “Oh! Have you been kissing the boys?” (I was only joking of course). “Yes! At nursery”, she grinned! “On the lips”, she continued then, “Upstairs!”. THEN “I tricked them “, she said!

I couldn’t stop laughing. Emma, who had heard the whole thing, was having trouble keeping it together too – and Daisy was just delighted with herself – and even offered to go and kiss Tony who was sitting in the other office!

Butter wouldn’t melt? You need to meet this child! Email to me on and I’ll fit you in her very busy schedule!photo daisy