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1st January 2010

Feline loving!

I’ve had two big giggles today over cats: one at my own expense and one outside our offices in Peyia…. let me explain.

For the past week, I’ve been struggling with a very sore back and last night, couldn’t take it any longer so went to bed at 7pm – with Charlie cat and Molly mou , who both wanted to “care” for me. Molly is fine and just snores her way through the night. Charlie is a different matter. He likes to nuzzle your arms, purring loudly as his claws go into flesh – then he sleeps on the pillow, pushing one of us out of the way.

last night was my turn: Charlie curled onto my pillow, into my hair and must have spent all night “rearranging” my curls to his liking coz when I got up, I looked like a straw bale (and , according to Tony, my hair is not much better now).

Arriving at work and pulling into my parking spot, I had to laugh at the kitten pile in the road in front of me: two large and two small Charlie wannabees, trying to out cuddle (or worse!) each other and building kitten “quadruple” deckers then falling then trying again……….

Made me laugh so much I forgot to keep straightening my hair – the state of which has caused chuckles all day in the office!

Category: Cyprus Villas News