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1st January 2010

Feline like a carol concert?

Neither Tony nor I could sleep last night. It wasn’t the movie we’d watched earlier, or the guests we’d checked in to Coral Bay at tea time, nor was it the fact that Jordi, aged 3, had us both overtired – it was Charlie cat and his feline choir who decided to sit on the back wall of our house and howl the night away.

In my dream stupor, I almost recognised a couple of the tunes, mistaking them for Carols we’d sung earlier in the weekend in Peyia – but then one of the singers would bite the other and the sounds screeched to crescendo and I realised I didn’t know them (though two of the tunes would have gone down well on a British talent show audition!).

Water nor shouts moved them: they were having a great time, paws-ed perfectly on the wall under the branches of the tree singing their little pussy cat hearts out to the moon.

Jake had his paws over his ears and kept grumbling loudly. Alfie sleeps through anything so was fine though Molly twitched a little and looked like she was going to burst into song before settling back down and snoring again.

I think ear muffs are in order – or putting Charlie on house arrest again. He is definitely the leader of the hill cat gang!!

Tonight, I fancy “silent night”……..

Category: Cyprus Villas News