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1st January 2010

Feline Important!

As I came down the stone steps to the side of our villa in Peyia last evening, I had to stop and laugh at the sight in front of me: Gus cat , Charlies more mature friend who lives next door and is a very regal creature, was sitting in the passenger seat of my lovely convertible, for all the world as if he was waiting for a lift.

I went slowly to the car and got into the drivers side, chatting to Gus as I did and he just “meowed” and kept sitting!

For a few moments he seemed to contemplate coming to Yoga with me but then thought the better of it and jumped out and onto the wall……

When I was a little girl, I spent many a happy hour sitting in the drivers seat of a very old car which was always parked at the back of my Nannas house. I can remember sliding onto the old leather seat and holding the wooden steering wheel, pretending I was off on some adventure or other…………makes me wonder if Gus was simply playing at being a “person” and dreaming about where he’d be going………

Category: Cyprus Villas News