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3rd May 2014

Feline Groovy!

Charlie Cat, (pictured below) is a 10 year old , long haired ginger and white feral cat who ‘owns us’. He was delivered to us in the pocket of a friends child: he’d found Charlie dumped in a box in a restaurant in Lefkara , the lace village in the hills near Nicosia — and couldn’t bear to leave him. As we lived here and our gift giver didn’t, Charlie was delivered to us minutes before our friends went to Paphos airport to fly home!

Charlie is ‘his own’ cat: he has his own twin bedded ensuite room in our home; regularly has his ‘hill gang’ friends over to stay but mainly loves to spend time in his room with his best friend Gus, the cat who lives next door. Actually, the pair of them are like teenage ‘best friends’: they are either here in our home or next door in Gus’ home- but always together.

Neither of these lovely animals ‘does’ dogs: Molly is tolerated and sometimes, snuggled into. Barney is hated , with a planned passion which often includes Charlie lying in wait in the bushes in the garden , ready to pounce on Barney and inflict pain upon him!

This time of year, as Spring begins to bow to the hot summers approach, Charlie and Gus are more relaxed, chilling out together on a variety of sunbeds or benches around the garden, calling to me or Gus’s mum , Debbie, only when they want food. The sun warms their tummies and they roll and play together, chasing shadows or lizards. Its a hard life!

Many of the holiday villas have ‘resident feral cats’. If you are a cat lover, email to me on and I’ll tell you where to choose if you want some furry company during your holiday!photo charlie cat