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2nd December 2013

Feline cheeky!

There is much written about the cats of Cyprus. They are many and varied in colour and size- but all share one main characteristic: they are as cheeky as anything!

Many of the holiday villas, come complete with families of cats with their kittens, who hide in the bushes till we’ve finished checkin, then come crying around the guests, pretending they aren’t ever fed! By Villa Bella and Villa Melissa, there are the most beautiful litters of black and white kittens, who all look like they’ve been pulled out of the tins of black and white paint, having various markings of the colours in different parts of the their bodies.

Most guests love them and these feline creatures are sharp enough to know who doesn’t like them – and they swiftly move on to the next villa!

Our team of pool cleaners are big softies too and are known to call out the cat rescue people if they think any of the cats are badly done to – so they are lucky little animals

I was reading an article yesterday about why cats sometimes bite their owner when they are being fussed – and it makes perfect sense, especially seeing these little monsters: when the cat gets too settled, it feels like it should get ‘back in control’ quickly, so nips the person petting him/her just to show who is boss!

As if we didn’t know!

Cats and dogs rule – no question – and probably in that order!