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1st January 2010

Family Sunday in Coral Bay, Cyprus

The church bells in the village of Peyia have been ringing out proudly since 6am today. Its a beautiful morning: light mist over the coast of Coral Bay and lower Peyia, beginning to break away under the strength of the morning sun. The views are stunning – and there’s not a light on in any of the villas in the Coral Bay area, so everything is peaceful.

Except Jake: who has been up playing since 5am! The past hour, he has spent his time with his, (very chunky) nose pushed through the back of the dining chair to Charlie cat – and Charlie is delighted! The cat has his claws sharpened and ready and is “punching” Jakes nose on a very regular basis and the silly dog doesnt seem to care.

Once morning playtime is over and the dogs and walked and settled, we’re going to go out for a few hours with Tonys mum, before the holiday villa guests arrival begin. Peyia is so well placed for so many lovely places in the west of Cyprus: from here, we are only 10 mins from Neophotos Abbey, near Tala; 6 mins drive from the mosaics at Tomb of the Kings; 8 mins to Paphos harbour where we can stroll and people watch.

I’d like to head to the Akamas Peninsular and start the trip walking the Akamas Gorge before going higher into this unspoilt and very beautiful area, to lunch at the Last Castle. This is one of my favourite tavernas which can only be reached in a 4 wheel drive car – and must always be booked! It is so popular with locals – and any tourists who can ever find it! Close to the Last Castle is Turtle Beach, Lara Bay. Here, we’ll be able to watch the baby turtles (don’t know the name for baby turtles so lets call them “turtely puds”, in honour of our friend Kyriakos (age 78), who calls children, “smally, smally puds!”).

In fact, as I’m writing this, I’ve made my mind up: Akamas it is!

We’ve got to be back for the 3pm onwards arrivals schedule – but I’m sure we can fit in a good lunch, long walks and even a glass of local Kathikas wine before starting work!

Better go and get ready!