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31st May 2014

family holiday in Peyia & Coral Bay

Tony and I have had a great couple of days. Using our ‘rights’ as Great Uncle Tony (GUT) and Great Aunty Lynn (GAL), we’ve been ‘dominating ‘ the time that our niece , her partner and children have here for their Cyprus holiday – and doing this WE love that we believe the children will too .

Last night, Tony took our niece Jessica and her partner Andy, to The Mill for THE Quiz. I don’t think this gorgeous couple realised how honoured they were, to be given ‘front seats’ with the bar flies and have drinks bought by The Great Raymondodoulou – but as I see it, the old codgers who make up the bar flies, were honoured to have our exceptionally beautiful (fact not rose tinted specs!) 22year old niece, with them.

I had the pleasure of babysitting at Villa Lily May in Peyia, where Lily Mae (aged 6 and a half and a month!) and I , ‘chatted’ after we managed to get her 18 month old brother Max , to sleep. It was strange babysitting in a villa I know and rent – but its such a warm and comfortable villa, I love the fact my family are staying there and I had a lovely evening too (though I’ve promised Lily Mae I won’t tell her secrets to ANYONE , not even her friend Olivia !)…..

Today, GUT and GAL took the children to Paphos Bird Park and Zoo. We’ve taken some amazing photos: its a wonderful place, right on our doorstep  – and other than having to explain why the small spotty  horse was ‘jumping on the back’ of the little horse and she couldn’t get away, we had great fun.  We forget whats close to us and how lovely this area is. The children had a ball but we biggies loved it more.

Ending the day with a walk along the beach, near the Limani fish restaurant on the waters edge at Coral Bay, I was reminded just how much there is here in Coral Bay for families – and how special this place is – though even more special for the people we get to share it with, from our family to our friends to our villa guests. Lucky? You bet we are!

If you’d like a family holiday here, email to me on and I can recommend a villa AND tell you how to spend the days if you’d like to ‘do ‘ the best of the area!