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1st January 2010

Families and friends

Its been a wonderful week. I’ve seen Mary,Louise and their gorgeous children, daily and yesterday, Tony and I welcomed them to our home in Peyia . The afternoon was spent talking, eating, swimming (not the adults, despite the pool being heated!) and just chilling out.

The past days have really brought home to me , again, how lucky Tony and I are. We have such good friends, most of whom we’ve known for many , many years and some, like Louise, we get to meet by accident through our friends.

Our families are good too: I’ve great sisters, a completely barmy Mum and equally nutty Dad but they are mine and I’m sure I reflect each of them on a daily basis. Tonys Mum (Tony without teeth) is great too, as is Mike , Tonys brother. Add all of our neices, nephews, godchildren etc and we’re surrounded by love and good vibes……

Mary is a very special friend. Her children, Lauren and Eve are great. They’ve grown up with Louises’ children, so the children “operate” as a gang and are just a pleasure to be around.

Sometimes, when I’m busy with arrivals, departures and general holiday work, I forget how precious it is to NOT work and just to spend time with friends and family. I’m so grateful for the time we’ve shared this week and cannot wait for the next visit!