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21st November 2014

falling deeper in love with Cyprus

I honestly didn’t think it was possible to love this island more than I do but I do! I’ve fallen in love with Letymbou and Omodos, both tiny villages hidden in the hills : Omodos is approx. 16 kms from Platres, on the foot of the Troodos Mountains and Letymbou is tucked away in the hills behind Polis.

Each village is full of charm, colour and tradition. Both are as different to each other as man and woman – but they are very special places and I cannot believe we’ve only just found them!

Thanks to Els and Andy, our friends who are happily exploring with us, we discovered the joys of The Vineyard Taverna in Letymbou and sat people watching in this charming spot, as the man white vans came to the centre to sell everything from monster size cabbages to pairs of socks! The arrival of a man giving out leaflets, left the old men in the Kafenes, happily reading these leaflets like they were best sellers  but as Tony noted, the leaflets did have photos of chain saws and a cement mixer!

Omodos (the second photo), was a charming mix of pretty old buildings which had been renovated sensitively and colourfully and which were lining the streets filled with linens, pottery and colour. Flowers were in bloom everywhere and even a small rain storm didn’t spoil the fun!

Cyprus is beautiful. Just driving off the main motorway and winding through the back roads, lifts the spirits and fills the soul with the wonder of nature. Please come over. Email to me on and I”ll tell you more! (first photo is Letymbou, second Omodos).photo letymbouphoto letymbou 4