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5th August 2014

Eyes down! Look out!

Since Jamesy passed away in early May, its been very hard trying to convince my Mum to leave her apartment and try to go out and socialise, which we all understand but she’s such a vibrant, happy and attractive lady in every sense, we know she needs people – and people love her. So my sisters and I were delighted that she has started to walk across the gardens to the ‘old folks home’ nearby ,where she can join in activities.

Last Tuesday, she went to the bingo morning and loved it, not least coz she was one of the youngest and the ladies were very interested (read nosey) about who she was etc . She shared cake, pen and gossip and enjoyed the experience so much, she went back today.

And she’s been banned

For life

Because she won every line, three full house calls and one ‘miscellaneous’ draw of the cards, giving her a ‘loot ‘ of 18 euros and the glares of her so called new friends! Thinking that they would share in her joy of a very lucky morning, Mum offered to buy them a cup of tea and cake but no, this may be bingo but its a VERY SERIOUS THING and Mum has obviously broken some strong rules – all at once by the sound of things!

Call my psychic but I don’t think she’ll return to the fold – or be welcome  – which is a huge shame coz she had fun and 18 euros wont go very far. I’ve tried to reason with her that most of the ‘inmates’ have dementia so probably won’t remember this ‘heist’ this time next week but I suspect the damage to mums pride, has been done.

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