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23rd February 2019

eye for an eye, tooth for the decorating?

Well, it’s that time of year again when all of the holiday villas and apartments are being ”spruced up”, checked out and made ready for the huge amount of holidaymakers who will descend upon Peyia and Coral Bay, from March onwards.

Although we don’t have an official holiday villa or registered BnB,, our home is always invaded by the happy mix of family and friends, who we love having to stay but who, with the advent of the TV series, “”Four in a Bed””, worry me that they may start to eg run their fingers over the paintings adorning the walls or worse, seek out curly wurlys in the bed! (Our dog has VERY curly hair!)

There are three thoughts I hang on to:

  1. We are a house where the dog is not only part of the family but the dog RULES! So, if you don’t like dog hair, don’t come here!
  2. We are a home, not a paid for a holiday home. So if we lack in anything, it will never be a loving welcome or love and care during your stay – though the pillowcases may not match!
  3. We have the most wonderful friend, one of my husband’s school friends, whose annual ”thing” is to help, ”put us right” and he’s coming back this year!

We’ll not mention that, last year, this great man accidentally left his teeth in our bathroom so we had to return to the house to get them before he boarded the plane home BUT even if he comes without them or leaves them here again, he’ll make them ”á feature” in the beautifully, decorated home which he’ll help us achieve.

…and at the end of the day, for holidaymakers, isn’t is value for money, clean beds and pools, lovely villas and great area – and for us, isn’t is that family and friends want to come and who cares about the dog hairs? Answers on a postcard – or via the compensation claim LOL!

However it is, thank you for entrusting your holidays to us -whether booking a holiday with us or being one of our guests at home – but we need to talk about who does the dishes!

To enquire about and book a villa or apartment in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to – or if you want to stay in our home, send your DNA or embarrassing photos of something we’ve done with you to the same email!