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1st January 2010

Extracts from my

August is a very tough month. Tons of villa holiday guests arriving and many problems with eg airconditioning breaking down/car hire companies and normal small accidents which people have after a few holiday beers – plus, sadly, some serious problems.

Its so good for us to get feedback: some isn’t what we’d like to hear eg if the perception of a villa isn’t what the reality is in the minds eye of the holidaymakers but thankfully that is very , very rare and we try to put anything right which is within our power.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a horrible problem which was caused by a young boy of 2 almost drowning in a pool. Thankfully, he survived but we had no choice other than to leave his family in the villa, one day longer than they should have been – which inconvenienced a lovely family who were due in. We did all we could to help – but let me share their own comments to us, received in an email a day ago:

“Let me start by thanking you and Tony for making our first DIY holiday a true delight…..your prompt and factual emails gave us the confidence we needed to book with you. The unfortunate incident with the little by left you in a very difficult position but we both agreed that the lengths you went to , to accomodate this difficult scenario, was a true credit to how well you and your team operate your business……..I feel the service you gave was one of true thought to everyone involved and I like to call this “Service Excellence” – something which is very hard to find these days”…….

The email goes on, making us both blush and also feel very lucky to have working with us, the team we have: they all go the extra mile for our customers too.

The last line is wonderful and I have to pass it to anyone who is nervous about booking a villa holiday with a young, privately owned company like ours: “If anyone booking with you for the first time, ever needs references or are as cautious as we were, we would be more than happy to be contacted as reference points” – The B Family

Makes it all worthwhile! Thank you

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