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1st January 2010

Express yourself…..

Todays stars advise Virgos to , “Express yourself”!…..oh, dear!

Does this mean REALLY saying what you think to the aircon engineer who is 4 days late and trying to make you feel like he is doing you a HUGE favour even turning up?

Or speaking your mind to the taxi company whose drivers are persistently late, rude, drive too fast and smoke? (so we don’t use them very often – only on overload! But they are the best of the bunch!).

Do I now not simply listen and nod at the list of complaints from the minority of villa holiday makers for whom being together in a house as a family, hasn’t solved the problems they had as a family together in a house in their own country?

I don’t think so!…….

Self expression is all very well and good in the right time and place, (you must read the Little Book of Complete ‘H’ollocks to really giggle at the rules of self expression: one says, (and I hope I’m allowed to express this under copyright rules etc): “Love your inner child; nuture it;stroke it…..but if someone is watching, stop immediately!”…….).

I think the same will do for any attempt at self expression today: I’ll dance in my own home with my own around me; sing alone (best way); talk to myself constantly while driving but keep my thoughts to myself at all other times, however tempting/challenging the situation.

The heat is wonderful and the sunny days, glorious: but there is something about being too hot, unused to it and unable to cool down, which really gets to some people and brings out the worst in them.

Encouraging them to express themselves isn’t a problem: self control can be!


There, I feel better but the dogs look a litte confused.

Have an expressively good day yourselves!