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9th April 2016

expect the unexpected!

What an interesting and colourful week! With happy villa holiday guests in lovely properties here, pools starting to be used regularly and the frenzy of checking in and checking guests out of their chosen timed stay, Emma and I have been having to , ‘dust off our running shoes’ , a little these past few days!

The warm but relatively quiet winter period, in terms of fewer arrivals, lulls us both into a sense of almost false security so the , ‘onslaught ‘ of the full on holiday season, hits with a bang and we have to just, ‘dive in there’! Great fun but energy required!

What we weren’t expecting while checking out very happy holidaymakers from Villa Stavroulla in Peyia, was the additional delivery during the checkout, of two 8-ish day old kittens, who were dumped on the doorstep! I suspect whoever dumped these little souls, saw that there were children in the villa and thought the kittens would be cared for but what they didn’t know was that the people were leaving – so guess who currently has the role of ‘mummy’ to the kittens?…..

With them urgently needing warmth, love, cuddles, 2 hourly feeds and being taught how to , ‘go to the toilet’, the job isn’t easy – and actually, I’ve come off very well because our gorgeous friends, AJ and Jean, kindly took the babies for me for a couple of days as I was not going to be at home to be able to look after them. They are coming home to me today AND, paws crossed, Sam, in our office, has found a very lovely lady who wants to take them in – so there just may be a happy ending for them quicker than we thought!

If you’d like to checkout our range of holiday villas with cleans pools – and I promise we’ll keep you clear of extra ‘mummy’ responsibilities, email to and we’ll update you on availability – and the kittens!

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