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8th May 2011

Excuse me PLEASE…..

From The Thinking Step in our home, I can see most of the lovely villas in Coral Bay and Peyia. The view is wonderful – one I never tire of – and its a great way to start the day, just quietly watching and thinking and drinking a decent cuppa.

This morning, I was pulled out of my daydreaming by Molly mou , who was barking such a racket. I turned round to see why and Jake was the problem. He is so big, he was sitting in the open front doorway, taking up all the available space, so Molly couldn’t get out of the room to come and join me – and she wasn’t happy.

She barked to the left of Jake, to the right, from the back then looked like she was going to attempt to jump over him but thought better of it! Jake couldn’t care less. He was just chilling out and ignoring his little sister- so I had to come inside and lift her out, so she could sit with me. At which point Jake got up and sat on The Thinking Step so there was no room for any of us there at all!

Category: Cyprus Villas News