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1st January 2010

Excellence comes as standard – sort of!

We are all heat fuddled! Our team of wonderful pool and property managers are struggling to cope with the mammoth amount of work we have connected to various breakages, heat breakdowns and general repairs. Always good humoured, I realised they were a little stressed when I received the following calls from two of them this week:

“Lynn, you know you asked me to repair a dining chair? Well, I’m not sure which one is broken: could it be the one in pieces on the floor?”…….

Then, having visited a townhouse while doing a spot check, I noticed a huge bag of dirty linen with the sign on it, “Lynn, dirty laundry, please wash”…..

As the owner had been away 2 weeks and the property manager had been in weekly, I asked him how he hadn’t seen these – and he replied, “Oh, that bag. Yes, I saw the bag but didn’t realise what it was for……”


Category: Cyprus Villas News