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1st January 2010

Exactly what it says on the tin!

There are many unusual creatures living in the skies over this gorgeous island. I’m forever rescuing wayward flying thingies who find their way into the pool then try their best to fly out, only to fail and get tired. Tony thinks I’m mad -I live in hope that those rescued have friends and family in “high places” who’ll call out the troops and advise them NOT to bite/sting/annoy us!

Actually, I’m very lucky (she says touching wood): I rarely get bitten at all – though one mossie did get my shoulder recently. Tony, on the other hand, is a magnet for anything seeking a nibble (yes, those sorts of girls too) and is always getting bitten. I laugh many days when we strips off , to reveal a spotty botty due to the over ambitious female fliers who bite his (against his brown back) very white bum!

Tony thinks I don’t get bitten because I drink so much brandy. I say I drink brandy to stop me being bitten – so its a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

We’ve been lucky enough to travel around the Far East, where Tony was bitten by very exotic things whilst I just sauntered along watching these angry red bites develop. Really don’t understand it.

One good friend of ours told us a study had been made of cattle and other animals – and that cows weren’t bitten but sheep were. Don’t know what to make of that but I’m keeping a dairy, sorry , diary of the bites and treatment for Tony!

Our local chemist, Christakis, who would love to be a doctor and likes to practise his healing techniques on the locals in Peyia (and who is very kind to our villa holiday guests), gave us an Elephant Repellant Spray to use on Tonys legs and arms before we go out at night.

Thankfully, this works perfectly.

We’ve been here 6 years now and haven’t been bothered by one elephant, no matter where we’ve been………………the mozzies are everywhere though!

Off to enjoy a nightcap!

Category: Cyprus Villas News