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1st January 2010

Everything is relative here!

Christos, our wonderful young electrician/aircon engineer, has just been into the office. He is so funny. One of 16 children, he regales us with the family stories of who has been to his home when and how many were sat around the table. I jokingly asked him why he hadn’t invited us and he said, with a straight face, we don’t need anyone else in our party: we have too many of us and no chairs to sit.

This then started him telling me wonderful stories about his cousins, who didn’t have surnames; they were known by their profession eg Costas potatoe, Augustos Banana and Stavros wine………. it reminded me of being little and playing with made up characters so I told him this and we laughed.

Talking then about how some people look like their work (apparently Costas really does have a head like a King Edward), I mentioned one of the water men here in the village who looks like you’d expect and was giggling – and Christos explained this man too was his cousin……

As we’d talked for one hour plus, I think we must be related now – though Christos described how much he liked Tony and I and said he felt we were “having relations”, we were such good friends! Tony is going to love that! He’s only just got over being “invited ” to join in the “kissy kissy holding hands mans dance” at Yialos!! A Great Honour, apparently – unless you are an all male, very embarrassed Tony!

Things sometimes get lost in the translation, don’t they?!

Category: Cyprus Villas News