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12th January 2018

Everyone has a ”story”…

I’ve been thinking, as I’ve been processing the many villa holiday bookings which have come in this week, how great it is that so many of the customer who’ve already booked for this summer, have holidayed with us regularly over the past 12 plus years.

Emma and I really enjoy getting to know the customers; watching their children growing each year and hearing snippets of their , ‘real lives” away from their sunshine villa holiday.

People are great! Each individual sees things in a unique way; experiences things differently their fellow man and simply lives their life! I love the stories they tell us- and I relish the story that is , ”them”. Often, I try to match a person to a villa where I know a similar story is ”owned” by the person whose villa it is or by the previous guests. I figure there is ”good karma” in this kind of ”fit”.

The login to this blog has a story: it was inspired by a very brave animal; an ”international traveller”, whose start to life was awful , (found on the M62 ) but whose courage and great humour, endeared him to so very many people, across thousands and thousands of miles. I miss him terribly but writing his name always makes me smile and helps me feel close to him.

If you’d like to put a Cyprus villa holiday chapter into your story of 2018, write to me at and I’ll find the perfect fit for you – and maybe we can exchange a few tales while you are here!

Category: Cyprus Villas News