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1st January 2010

Everyday sounds.

The area of Peyia and Coral Bay, is filled with sounds. If you keep your eyes shut and just listen to the noises, you can tell what time of day it is. Of course the church bells are a great indicator: they bang out on the hour and for every celebration going. The gentle rumble of village traffic does its thing across the day , being less obvious in the early morning and quietening down again at night.

The cats sing throughout the night; the cockerills tend to be lazy, lie in and “cock a doodle” from about 11am! Planes part the skies, leaving a distant grumble in their wake – and the birds, particularly at this time of the year, fight to be heard above the cacaphony of noise!

Now I’ve just read that bears hum when they are content and have to be thankful that there are no bears in the village: with them humming, Jake singing his happy song, Molly barking (coz she can) and the rest of the orchestra of the day, we’d all be deafened!

Its bad enough trying to speak in the local shops, above the very expressive sounds of Cypriots passing the time of day without having a contented black bear joining in to hum his happiness!

Personally I like silence (which will surprise Tony and those who know me): I reckon you can hear most of the best sounds in the silence. Shhhhh! Just relax and listen……………………

Category: Cyprus Villas News