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1st January 2010

Every move you make

Okay, am now very confused.

So have started Yoga and am becoming quite a little “yogini” – well, I go every Tuesday and can now almost follow the classes. I take no notice of my teachers laughter when my “short legs” wont reach three times around my neck (my own neck, dear reader – stop it!) and when I have to use “chocs” to put under my hands coz my shorter arms aren’t long enough to reach the ground when am in strange positions but today, I’ve been given a magazine which has just floored me!

Apparently, yoga mats come in many shapes, sizes and designs: not good enough is my oblong, purple and flattened friend: seems I’ve got to have fraying edges with floral wotsits and non stick middle………….plus doing yoga inside is so yesterday! Sidewalk yoga is the thing! Where have I been!

So, if you are in Coral Bay tomorrow, checking into one of our villas and expecting a warm welcome, you’ll get one but it may be from an upside down, chilled out , short armed person on the side of the road, holding up her floral dog edged bathroom rug for ID!

All I wanted was to get fit! Now am stressed again……..(where is the wine?!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News