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3rd November 2017

Every life matters!

OMG! Am so very proud of Dave, one of our key pool managers who has done something over and above today – and saved a life!

Now, I know dear reader, that you are expecting me to go on to explain that he pulled someone out of a pool, resuscitated them and all was well – well that is the truth –  only the ”being” was a very large lizard who was on the bottom of a pool, so Dave lifted him out of the water, then noticed that his eyes were bulging and he wasn’t breathing…

so Dave gently took him in his hand and , using one finger, pressed this little creatures chest till it coughed, spat our water , shook it’s head and went on it’s way – alive though shaken up!

Ah! How lovely is that? We’ve been teasing Dave that, somewhere in the Lizard Lounge tonight, is a lucky lizard, having a smoke and a beer and regaling his friends with the story of how he almost drowned but was saved by the actions of one of the funny, tall creatures who walk on two legs and stick poles and nets into water……

thank god for kindness!

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